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a  Communication  and Learning Platform being used by  80%  of  US schools

/  Task

To create an amazing new website in Webflow that reflects the platform's impact and aligns with the new brand direction.

/  services
Web Design
webflow Development

01  – About

Remind is a communication and learning platform that is being used by 80% of US schools to connect students, teachers and families.

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40+ pages designed & developed
Hubspot Integration

02  – scope of work

We've designed 40+ pages, including Custom Illustrations and UI scenes

03  – components

Evolving the look and feel, more than 150+ UI components

To reflect the new brand identity, we designed all the UI components from the ground up.

04  – UI Scenes

Feature Showcase

10 Scenes

The platform offers a wide variety of solutions, targeted at different stakeholders. We used our components to showcase the relevant features with each pages target group in mind.

Custom Illustrations

Hoodzpah collab

To stay true with the new brand identity crafted by Hoodzpah, we collaborated with their teams to align on all the assets of the website.

Prebuilt UI Scenes

10 scenes

We created over 10 UI Scenes to showcase the service and its value propositions.

05  – Testimonial

Refokus was a true partner to us in migrating our site to Webflow and then redesigning and rebuilding it. Their quality of work, commitment to meeting deadlines, level of communication, and flexibility to adapt to changing needs were top of class.

Courtney Drake
Courtney Drake
Director of Design - Remind