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Refokus & Webflow at OMR 2022: Leading Digital Innovation Together

Experience the highlights from OMR 2022 with Refokus and Webflow: Masterclasses on growth, Instagram takeovers, and a showcase of digital marketing's future.

This year's Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) festival, Europe's largest marketing conference, was a beacon of inspiration, drawing over 90,000 attendees to immerse in the latest in digital marketing. Among the highlights, Refokus, in collaboration with Webflow, and as a top Webflow Agency, made a significant impact by co-sponsoring a booth that became a hub of innovation and exchange. Here’s a look back at an unforgettable week filled with insights, creativity, and community spirit.

A Masterclass in Growth

The festival was not only about showcasing cutting-edge marketing strategies but also about learning from the leaders in the field. Refokus’s Co-Founder, Leo Zakour, and Webflow's Account Executive, Ali Ferrante, led a masterclass titled "How Showcase Websites Fuel Growth." This session delved into the transformative power of exceptional web design in driving business success, offering attendees valuable strategies to leverage in their projects. For those who missed it, don't worry—the session was recorded for future inspiration.

Bringing OMR to the World

Understanding that not everyone could attend the festival in person, Refokus took over Webflow's Instagram account to bring the essence of OMR to a global audience. Over two days, followers were treated to behind-the-scenes glimpses, highlights from the festival grounds, and showcases of the innovative ideas permeating the event. These moments are immortalized in the highlights on Refokus's Instagram account, @refokusagency, inviting everyone to experience the magic of OMR 2022 virtually.

A Testament to Teamwork and Culture

OMR 2022 was more than just a conference; it was a testament to what can be achieved when a dedicated team with a shared vision comes together. Refokus's presence at the event, from the insightful masterclass to the engaging social media takeover, underscored the agency's commitment to excellence and innovation. The event was a reminder of the power of community and the impact of sharing knowledge and experiences.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of OMR 2022, we're filled with gratitude for the conversations had, the connections made, and the insights shared. The festival may have ended, but the inspiration and ideas it sparked continue to influence our work and the digital marketing landscape. Stay tuned for a cascade of photos from the event on our platform, capturing the spirit and energy of an incredible week.

Refokus's collaboration with Webflow at OMR 2022 was a shining example of how technology, creativity, and a vibrant community can come together to shape the future of marketing. We're already looking forward to what the next year brings and how we can continue to push the boundaries of digital innovation.

For a closer look at the moments that made OMR 2022 unforgettable, be sure to check out the highlights on our Instagram @refokusagency and immerse yourself in the experience.

Published on:
April 30, 2022
Time to read:
5 min