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Refokus’s Baltic Sea Retreat: Charting the Course for 2022

Refokus sets a dynamic course for 2022 with strategic planning on collaboration, innovation, and culture at their Baltic Sea retreat.

In a blend of strategic foresight and team bonding, the leadership team at Refokus—affectionately known as the roundtable—recently embarked on their first strategic retreat to the shores of the Baltic Sea in Northern Germany. As a company thriving in the #remote work model, these moments of in-person collaboration are pivotal. They serve not just as a catalyst for strategic planning but as a cornerstone for nurturing the team's dynamic and vision.

A Week of Intensive Collaboration and Fun

The retreat was far from a mere getaway. It was a deep dive into the heart of what makes Refokus tick, focusing on outlining the vision that will guide our journey through 2022. It was a week marked by intensive collaboration, where ideas flowed freely and the foundations for an exciting year ahead were laid.

Setting #Goals for 2022

The leadership roundtable delved into strategic planning with a clear focus: to not only sustain but also amplify our growth trajectory and impact. The sessions were designed to crystallize our goals, ensuring that every team member is aligned and moving forward in unison towards our shared objectives.

Amplifying Collaboration with Webflow

A significant highlight from our retreat is the renewed commitment to deepen our collaboration with Webflow. This partnership is more than a strategic alignment; it's a reflection of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of web development and design, leveraging Webflow’s powerful platform to create innovative digital solutions.

Innovating with New Refokus Tools

The retreat also sparked ideas for new Refokus Tools—our contribution to the vibrant Webflow community. These tools, born from our team’s collective creativity and technical expertise, are designed to enhance the Webflow experience, making it more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for designers and developers alike.

Investing in Our People and Culture

At the heart of our discussions was a recurring theme: our commitment to our people and our culture. As a #fullremote team, cultivating a supportive, engaging, and inclusive work environment is paramount. Our plans for 2022 include innovative initiatives aimed at enriching our team's professional and personal growth, fostering a culture that celebrates diversity, creativity, and continuous learning.

Looking Forward with Excitement

As we reflect on our time at the Baltic Sea, we’re filled with anticipation for what 2022 holds. The retreat was not just about setting goals; it was a reaffirmation of our values, our mission, and the collaborative spirit that defines Refokus.

We can’t wait to share the amazing projects, collaborations, and innovations on the horizon. Stay tuned as we continue to invest in our people, our culture, and our partnership with Webflow, driving forward with passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Here’s to a year of achieving our #goals and beyond!

Published on:
February 10, 2022
Time to read:
5 min