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Celebrating Refokus's Stellar Inaugural Year: A Look Back at 2021

Explore Refokus's incredible first year in the digital design and development industry with our 'Year in Review' website, showcasing our growth, projects, and recognitions.

Just a few months into the new year, and we at Refokus are still riding the wave of excitement from our incredible journey in 2021. Last year marked our debut in the digital design and development arena, and what a debut it was! To commemorate our first year of success, innovation, and community building, we've launched a special "Year in Review" website that captures the essence of our journey:

A Year of Growth, Culture, and Achievement

Founded in January 2021 by Stefanie Zakour and Leo Zakour, Refokus quickly set a precedent for what a modern Webflow Agency could achieve within a single year. From humble beginnings, our team expanded from two founders to sixteen incredible talents, each bringing their unique skills and vision to our collective mission.

Client Successes Across the Spectrum

Our portfolio from last year showcases our versatility and dedication, with projects spanning startups to Fortune 500 companies. Notable collaborations include Mural, BASF, Rainfall, Haufe Group, and Weglot, to name a few. Each project was an opportunity to push the boundaries of web design and development, creating bespoke solutions that drive growth and engagement.

Building a Strong Foundation

2021 was not just about external successes; it was also a year of laying down the internal foundations that would define Refokus. We honed our processes, defined our brand, and most importantly, built a culture rooted in excellence and innovation. Our efforts led to an eNPS score of 90, reflecting the positive environment and strong team spirit that fuel our work.

Recognitions and Innovations

Our work did not go unnoticed. As the year progressed, we earned the title of Webflow Enterprise Partner—the only one in Germany—and were recognized as a Top Webflow Agency worldwide. Our commitment to sharing our expertise saw the launch of Refokus Tools, which have been cloned more than 2000 times, demonstrating the impact of our contributions to the Webflow community. Moreover, our creative prowess was acknowledged with the Webflow Partner Awards' "Surprise & Delight" category for the Weglot for Germany website.

Looking Forward: What's Next for Refokus?

As we reflect on our first year through the "Year in Review" website, we're filled with gratitude for everyone who trusted and supported us on this journey. But rest assured, we're just getting started. 2022 has already kicked off with new clients, exciting projects, and more brilliant minds joining our team. The flames of creativity and innovation are burning brighter than ever, promising another year of groundbreaking work and community engagement.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our clients, partners, and the entire Refokus team for making our first year a resounding success. Your trust, support, and collaboration are the keystones of our achievements.

As we gear up for the adventures that 2022 holds, we invite you to visit our "Year in Review" website at to relive the milestones and celebrate the moments that have shaped us.

Here's to the past that has defined us and the future that awaits. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to Refokus on what truly matters—driven by design, empowered by technology, and united by creativity.

Published on:
March 30, 2022
Time to read:
5 min