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Reflecting on a Year of Breakthroughs: Refokus’s 2022 Year in Review

Explore Refokus’s 2022 Year in Review, highlighting a year filled with innovation, growth, and community, solidifying our position as a top Webflow Agency.

As the chapters close on another remarkable year, Refokus invites you to journey through our "2022 Year in Review" — a vivid digital experience that encapsulates the essence of our strides, innovations, and collective spirit. With each project, partnership, and internal milestone, 2022 has been a year of unparalleled growth and creativity for our team. Explore the journey with us at

A Year Marked by Growth and Innovation

In 2022, Refokus continued to solidify its position as a leading Webflow Agency, not just by scaling our team and enhancing our processes but by deepening our commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital design and development. Here’s a glimpse into the milestones that defined our year:

Expanding Our Global Footprint

Our team’s talent and dedication have propelled us into new territories, working with an ever-expanding roster of international clients. From startups dreaming big to established Fortune 500 companies, our portfolio reflects a diverse array of industries and challenges that we've turned into success stories.

Cultivating Our Culture and Community

As our team grew, so did our culture. Maintaining an environment where innovation, creativity, and well-being thrive has been a priority. We celebrated achievements, welcomed new faces, and strengthened our community, ensuring that our eNPS score reflects the happiness and engagement of our team.

Achievements That Resonate

Our journey through 2022 has been adorned with recognitions that underscore our expertise and impact in the digital world. As a Webflow Enterprise Partner and a recognized Top Webflow Agency Worldwide, we’ve not only upheld the standards of excellence but set new benchmarks for what’s achievable in web design and development. Meanwhile, our win at the Webflow Partner Awards in the "Surprise & Delight" category for the Weglot for Germany website stands as a testament to our creative prowess

Empowering the Webflow Community

The launch of "Refokus Tools" in 2021 marked a milestone in our mission to contribute to the Webflow community, in 2022, we continued with the same mindset, expanding our library of tools offering resources that have empowered thousands of marketers, designers and developers. Meanwhile, our win at the Webflow Partner Awards in the "Surprise & Delight" category for the Weglot for Germany website is a testament to our creative prowess.

Beyond the Screen: Experiences That Unite

Our 2022 wasn’t confined to pixels and code. From offsites that brought us closer to team workshops that sharpened our skills, we’ve cherished every moment that reinforced our bond and fueled our passion for the work we do. It’s these experiences that remind us why we love what we do.

Looking Ahead: The Future is Bright

As we share our "2022 Year in Review," we do so with an eye towards the future. The achievements of the past year set the stage for what’s to come. With new projects on the horizon, evolving technologies to explore, and an ever-growing team of talented individuals, the potential for 2023 is boundless.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and the incredible Refokus team for making 2022 a year to remember. Together, we’ve crafted not just websites but stories of success, innovation, and community.

Join us in celebrating this journey and exploring the highlights of our year at Here’s to another year of creating, innovating, and Refokus-ing on what truly matters.

Published on:
January 18, 2023
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5 min