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Fighting the flood of generic content

Ever since ChatGPT hit the scene, LinkedIn feeds have been bombarded with generic content (and we thought it couldn’t get worse). It's time to end this.

Ever since ChatGPT hit the scene, LinkedIn feeds have been bombarded with generic content (and we thought it couldn’t get worse). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a useful tool and super easy to use. But guess what: just because you know how to hold a hammer doesn’t mean you know how to build a house. 

The ease of use of ChatGPT is kind of the problem here. Most people don’t put any effort into their prompts or editing and just tell GPT to “write something”. Quick Tip, whenever you see a text that makes an argument and then follows up with an attempt at a joke starting with “It’s like…” and then making a comparison to something - it was probably written by ChatGPT with the task to write in a funny way. 

Sure, you can tell it about your marketing goals, give it some context about your history and other stuff. But still, GPT does not truly understand your brand and marketing goals, it doesn’t actually know your history, current situation, etc. 

There are copywriting tools like, Writesonic and much more. Although they are specifically made for writing content, their output still is generic and boring, the only difference is that you don’t have to write prompts yourself. 

Some brands love to be perfectly average. These brands are gonna have a blast for the foreseeable future, but in the long run: everyone will be able to do what they do. They should brace themselves for a lot of competition. And we mean a lot. With no-code and AI, one person can already do in a weekend what took whole teams and weeks, just a year ago.

But if your goal is to become a memorable brand that connects with an audience and stands out among the masses, you need to start thinking AI not like a consumer, but like a leader. 

Using ChatGPT is not a crime, we are using it for TTR website, which in a nutshell is just us showing off with a fancy blog. But the difference is, we customized GPT. Built our own tool with it. Don’t think “how can AI replicate this?”, think “how can AI improve this?”. 

So, when writing content, use AI as a tool for researching. Use its immense data backbone to explore crazy ideas and expand on existing ones. You can also create a first draft with it, but the final article should still be written by you. 

It’s all about understanding the technology, your brand, its goals and your audience and using it to make better content, not just more of it.

Published on:
August 9, 2023
Time to read:
5 min