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Rhodiola Rosea Benefits – Focus and Concentration Supplements

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits – Focus and Concentration Supplements

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Rhodiola Rosea: Great Solution for Fatigue and Great Partner for Mental Cognition

Get an overview of Rhodiola Rosea: one of our favorite supplements

We've talked about a lot of great little supplements that may have an impact on optimizing your body and mind, including gingko biloba, coffee and caffeine, lion's mane mushroom; but we cant talk supplements for focus without mentioning rhodiola rosea (also known as arctic root). Rhodiola Rosea is popular within the field of Chinese medicine for its various benefits but namely to reduce fatigue, ability to stimulate mental focus, for alleviating depression, and also for varying solutions for the heart. The interesting thing about Rhodiola Rosea is that there's not so many official studies on its use, so our information collection for our understanding is limited and we are making our judgments off those studies which exist, user feedback, as well as our experiences as well. In general, most people had positive things to say about Rhodiola Rosea whether or not they used it for focus/concentration reasons or for something else.


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Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

  • One of the main benefits of Rhodiola Rosea is that studies on animals, as well as general feedback show that it helps battle fatigue, as well as helps with mental and physical recovery. This is something that most people will say is the (main) benefit and why it's a benefactor for focus and concentration. Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, which essentially means that the substance should impact cellular stress. This benefit should hypothetically help with neural processes (as well as light to moderate physical fatigue as well).
  • Rhodiola Rosea was found to help with mild to moderate depression - including one 6-week study showed moderate to significant results for most users.
  • Rhodiola Rosea is believed to carry and absorb oxygen into the brain and tissues, which is often found as a source for supporting concentration in similar supplements which achieve the same benefit.
  • Although there is a lack of studies and research to make significant claims, Rhodiola Rosea is described to have stronger benefits for conditions relating to the heart like high cholesterol, irregular heartbeats, stress-related health-effects, diabetes, hearing issues, sexual dysfunction, tuberculosis, sleep disorders, and on a lesser level there are benefits for aging, bladder and other cancers.

How to Gauge Results

We often caution one about being overly judgmental when one begins taking supplements. Our generation today wants immediate results; such is the digital age. You cant even go a movie without your spouse getting upset with you if you don't answer the phone. Know that noticeable results can take weeks, furthermore we highly recommend that you have an exercise plan, be cautious about diet, as well as do things that enable your general happiness (our guide to these key three critical points, coming soon to an email near you).

As it relates to Rhodiola Rosea, most studies showed that benefits peaked at around 4-6 weeks of use.

When understanding whether a product is having a direct influence on one's concentration and focus (aside from exercise and other supplements which can highly influence performance), one should set parameters and conduct an internal test. How many times did I lose track in the last hour? How much time was I actually productive in the last hour (no point in being dishonest)? What other potential factors can influence my productivity? Setting parameters and identifying variables in advance will set you one step closer towards a more accurate awareness of results and how to manipulate them.

In addition, be cautious when it comes to dosage; dosage will vary greatly between people for factors beyond just weight and gender, our policy at Refokus is that you should begin with a dosage slightly lower than recommended and slowly add to one's dosage if needed. Be aware that there are also products which will prevent absorption of certain materials into the body (for example, calcium is known to inhibit absorption of protein); thus eating a light snack with a glass of water is recommended when taking supplements.

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Rhodiola Rosea Side Effects and Precautions

  • There really aren't too many known side-effects for Rhodiola Rosea aside from dry-mouth, and potential headaches when much of it is taken. Rhodiola Rosea will increase oxygen movement to the brain and other areas of the body. People more sensitive to bodily changes, fluctuations in hormones, and other changes may feel some slight overall changes in their respective bodies, but overall the changes should not be negative.
  • Women nursing or pregnant should likely not take this supplement but there is no known evidence that nursing or pregnant women will develop any harmful complications for them or their children.

Rhodiola Rosea Final Thoughts

What makes a person focused and concentrated? The truth of the answer comes down to knowledge, for knowledge will provide insight on the bigger picture. Arctic root (the other name for Rhodiola Rosea) contributes to the bigger picture. There are certain supplements which will undoubtedly provide a more direct impact on concentration and related health, but if one were to ask me, "which supplements can I take to improve my concentration?" I would reply, "Well, I can tell you but the truth is that, that's not the question you should ask. Rather, what comprehensive program should I undergo to improve my concentration?" The reason why is because if you're just relying on supplements that directly affect concentration, then you're going to be much less successful than someone who would understand the full complete picture of which tactics would improve one's concentration, and implement a diversity of various tactics simultaneously.

Use of rhodiola rosea will have a direct impact on one's concentration, but in reality, the main purpose for its consumption is for its indirect benefits. Its impact on cellular health and bodily function/flow gives it a great supportive role when used in combination with other supplements suggested in our main article. While admittedly one should admit that there may not be sufficient research on rhodiola rosea to confirm paramount results, it is indeed a favorite of many and as far as we can tell a great asset to one's overall health, especially when used in combination with other supplements catered to concentration.


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NOTE: The content and insights Refokus shares is not a replacement for a professional medical consultation and advice, while we are often advised by research professionals and studies, you should always consult a medical professional to understand what's best for you.
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When assessing whether or not something will give you tangible and substantial results, it's easy to think in terms of "black or white;" either it does, or it doesn't. That type of logic doesn't work so well when discussing the human body since the human body and mind are inevitably interconnected. When assessing what causes one to improve their concentration and focus - one needs to realize what physically causes people to have concentration issues. The truth is that those issues stem from "somewhere," and there is a cause-and-effect relationship between several potential indicators and one's level of focus. These can be both physical and mental - and both would need to be optimized to genuinely optimize one's focus. Rhodiola Rosea helps with fatigue, both on a micro and macro level; if you're tired - even on a cellular-level, that's going to affect your ability to concentrate. The impact of Rhodiola Rosea may not be experienced with use alone, it is recommended that Rhodiola Rosea be used in combination with other supplements.

Impact on Focus and Concentration
Overall Benefits (Research-Based)
Overall Value for Cost
Low Side Effects?
  • Helps alleviate low to moderate fatigue
  • Cellular health
  • Oxygen flow to the brain and other parts of the body
  • Dysfunctions due to improper blood flow such as sexual dysfunction, regular illness, chronic tiredness, bladder issues, sleep disorders, and more
  • Potential minor effects such as dry-mouth and minor headaches.
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