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Gingko Biloba Benefits – Supplements for Focus and Concentration

Gingko Biloba Benefits – Supplements for Focus and Concentration

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Gingko Biloba: Which Benefits are in Store for me?

When we began our research and quest to find the most impacting herbs and supplements to improve focus and concentration, we knew to look no further than one of the most popular Chinese medicines, gingko biloba. The benefits of gingko biloba are many, acting as an antioxidant that kills free-radical elements in the body, especially in places places often where circulation of the blood has challenges. The gingko tree (also deriving the names: ginkgo tree, gingko plant, "silver fruit" or the maidenhair tree) from the gingko genus of plants, is the last living descendant of its division of plants. Gingko uses are mostly for consumption but it should be noted and forewarned that the fruits and seeds produced by gingko seeds can be toxic if eaten in large amounts by a gingkotoxin called 4'-O-methylpyridoxine (MPN). Still, a supplement of it can be safely harvested and made into small herbal capsules fit for consumption. Most dosages nowadays are no more than 120mg - 600mg per day. One should be extra careful in the beginning when trying to find an ideal dosage, starting with 120mg and slowly increasing overtime. Gingko is not recommended with people who are susceptible to bleeding/severe bleeding.


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Benefits of Gingko Biloba

  • The benefits of Gingko Biloba are many and diverse. Gingko Biloba is said to include an anti-inflammatory antioxidant which makes it effective against asthma and other inflammation.
  • Gingko Biloba is effective at transporting oxygen within the blood throughout the brain. Taking regular, low-dosage amounts in combination with regular exercise and a healthy/natural diet is proven to be effective at noticeable improvements in memory.
  • Gingko Biloba was found to increase memory based on laboratory tests.
  • It also has a antioxidant (EGb 761) which helps fight free radicals in the body.
  • Tests on rats found that it aided in healing of the eyes due to certain conditions.
  • Gingko Biloba was helpful in treating microcirculation issues (circulation of the smallest red blood cells) as well as atherosclerotic conditions (plaque build-up in the arteries).
  • In addition, gingko biloba was found to treat conditions of fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis.
  • Gingko Biloba was found to treated headaches for a large number of test subjects as well as treat symptoms of dementia.
  • Positive results having to do with memory were found in giving 240 mg daily of gingko biloba to 20 children with ADHD.
  • This list of benefits really is only a fractions of results we've found, but never the less, you should review the list of precautions below.

How to Gauge Results

Some people will experience very tangible results while others wont. It's important to realize that just because something isn't completely realized, doesn't mean it's not working. Our perception usually influences in ways that aren't true; for example, the world (and you including) are spinning at 30,000 miles/per hour, seems pretty crazy, right? But the truth is that it's impossible to be aware with it. If you want to test it's impact, you can set parameters. For instance, you can test to see how much times passes between instances of you losing track or going off task. Additionally you can set hourly/daily goals and see how often you're successful in reaching those goals.

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Gingko Biloba Side Effects and Precautions

  • Gingko Biloba is a beneficial supplement, but it does carry some precautions. Like any supplement, it's a substance that goes into your body, get's digested, and goes into your blood. It's to some degree considered to be a blood thinner which may not be a wise supplement for some depending on if one is taking additional medication. The blood thinning element allows for the blood to be pumped much easier to places like the brain and vital organs which is partially for the reason for the increased focus.
  • Pregnant women, and certain elderly who take blood-thinning medication should not take gingko biloba.

Gingko Final Thoughts

We're definitely fans of Gingko, and we definitely suggest that it's something that the body could use as a tool to improve it's function with relation to concentration. Of course more than recognizing the potential impact on health, you'll want to also understand how it will affect you individually. Some people are more sensitive to various different chemicals and compounds and you don't want to rush into something full strength just because everyone else is doing it. We have readers whose bodies and minds may be ultra sensitive to such influences, so be responsible. There are a number of other great herbs and supplements that are great solutions for focus and concentration, to either supplement gingko or even to replace gingko completely (as mentioned, it depends on the individual). Furthermore, it's critical to note that gingko should be taken in combination with other supplements, as well as coupled with other methods to improve focus such as regular daily exercise, Overall, gingko is a supplement that we recommend trying out for yourself, other similar supplements include mandrake root, ginseng, and garlic.


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NOTE: The content and insights Refokus shares is not a replacement for a professional medical consultation and advice, while we are often advised by research professionals and studies, you should always consult a medical professional to understand what's best for you.
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Based on personal experience, gingko biloba is a highly recommended supplement; after several weeks of use, it's evident that results were felt and experienced. While everyone is going to experience something different, and more than that, it should be aware that quality of the supplement will depend on the make/brand as well as dosage; yes, everyone needs a different minimal amount. It's also important to realize that how one ingests (with food and water ideally), whether or not one does regular exercise will also affect the performance of the supplement. Be aware that there is a blood thinning agent or reaction to gingko biloba, so keep this in mind when considering regular use.

Impact on Focus and Concentration
Overall Benefits (Research-Based)
Overall Value for Cost
Low Side Effects?
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Experienced noticeable benefits for focus/concentration.
  • Additionally the extract is widely known to improve circulation to all parts of the body, meanwhile presenting diseases.
  • If taking large dosages, I found it could make my stomach a bit sensitive to it, but in general that's true of many or most supplements.
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