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Best Natural Herbs and Supplements for Focus and Concentration

Best Natural Herbs and Supplements for Focus and Concentration

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The Best Natural Herbs and Supplements for Focus and Concentration

*Some Supplements are Still Undergoing Research*

Focus and concentration have become a greater challenge in today's world with the arrival of innovative technology and the coming of a new age of man. Many of us accept that our concentration challenges are normal, but according to ADDittudemag, most people with focus challenges are not diagnosed. This article is not about whether or not one has ADHD, but more so about that a large and significant portion of society are challenged with or could always improve their focus / concentration. In fact, many universities, especially ones where the majority of classes are online, have purposely reduced their lessons to 30 - 45 minutes because of a noticeable deterioration of attention span.

We here at Refokus are not immune to the natural effects of up to 20% (or more) of adults affected by concentration challenges - and members of our own staff are constantly challenged with trying to overcome concentration pitfalls as well. We realize while there are many components that make up a human-being, the physical body as a tool is definitely one that cannot be ignored even if one employs sophisticated apps, organizational tools, coaching, and other outlets which may influence his or her focus and drive. This is why we've done extensive research to help bring you our list of supplements and herbs that optimize and improve one's focus.


Understanding the Herb Before it Becomes Apart of You

Every human is a masterpiece; a work of art with a unique design, unique genetics, unique dreams, unique familial influences, unique diets, unique experiences, and unique habits - everybody will react differently to a particular herb or or food (ladies, did someone out there say... cremey dark chocolate???). Thus, it's important to not just understand the impact of a herb / supplement (i.e. the general benefits and drawbacks), but to also understand those factors as they relate to you. After ensuring one doesn't have potential allergies or other negative effects (do realize that supplements are usually orally taken and some people have sensitive stomachs to some as well), one should start with low dosages and gradually increase to a desired result; meaning: take it slow. Often times a person will take a supplement and will either feel like it works too much, or too little/not at all because they didn't correctly calibrate the dosage. If taking with multiple supplements, which can amplify the the results, be sensitive to quantity and types of supplements ingested with relation to each other.

In our Research and Results, We Stay Away from Synthetic Products and Inventions

Why should we? Cant scientists hack what nature provides to make it better? Well, the quick answer is... yes, they can. However, nature in all of it's sophistication has deep secrets, much of which is yet to be discovered. The reason why we're not so privy to when man tries to play g-d is because we (man) still don't quite understand how in the future our bodies, minds, and biochemistry will react as a result to the multitude of synthetic chemicals that we ingest.

Somehow certain societies have survived without the radical use of artificially created synthetic inventions using organic methods, and we (here at Refokus) think that rather than recommending that which hasn't been 100% evaluated extensively in the past, present, in future, Refokus will continue to maintain its focus on and support for natural solutions.


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Our Final Contestants of Focus Champions

How to Gauge Results

Some people will experience very tangible results while others wont. It's important to realize that just because something isn't completely realized, doesn't mean it's not working. Our perception usually influences us in ways that aren't true; for example, the world (and you including) are spinning at 1,000 miles per hour, as we speak, right now! Seems pretty crazy, right? But the truth is, from our seat, it's impossible to be aware of it. If you want to test it's impact, you can set parameters. For instance, you can test to see how much times passes between instances of you losing track or going off task. Additionally you can set hourly/daily goals and see how often you're successful in reaching those goals. We'll post some very easy tools that you can install on your computer or phone that can help pull you out of Facebook (:p).


Our Recommended Herbs and Supplements

The Following List of Herbs and Supplements are our Top List of Recommended Ingredients to Optimize your Focus, Concentration, Mental Drive:

(Be sure to scroll down to see our list of supplements that didn't make our top)

Gingko Biloba (ginkgo tree, ginkgo plant, maidenhair tree)

gingko biloba

Gingko Biloba is the last living descendant of the Gingko genus, which was created over 250 million years ago according to researchers. The tree is native to China, and has according to known records has been used for thousands of years as a treatment to improve focus and movement of blood within the body. From experience, after some habitual use of Gingko Biloba, we have experienced positive effects, especially when coupled with other supplements.


Team Favorite 1 Gingko Biloba Benefits – Supplements for Focus and Concentration

Gingko Biloba Benefits – Supplements for Focus and Concentration

Gingko Biloba: Which Benefits are in Store for me? When we began our research and quest to find the most impacting ...


Lion's Mane Mushroom (ginkgo tree, ginkgo plant, maidenhair tree)

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Gingko Biloba is the last living descendant of the Gingko genus, which was created over 250 million years ago according to researchers. The tree is native to China, and has according to known records has been used for thousands of years as a treatment to improve focus and movement of blood within the body. From experience, after some habitual use of Gingko Biloba, we have experienced positive effects, especially when coupled with other supplements.


Crazy Popular 1 Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Yamabushitake) Benefits – Focus and Concentration Supplements

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Yamabushitake) Benefits – Focus and Concentration Supplements

(Don't) Fear the Lion's Mane: This Mushroom is Awesomely Beneficial The Lion's Mane Mushroom (Yamabushitake) is ...



Coffee (Caffeine) 

The benefits of coffee and natural caffeine are many including increased nootrophic elements, reduced cancer risk, antioxidants


You knew this one was coming. America's addiction is real and prevalent, and so is its multi-billion dollar coffee industry. But it's not just about money and staying awake during the workday, coffee (with its caffeine attribute) has lots of positive affects with regards to Alzheimer's disease prevention, increased metabolic effects, as well as liver cancer risk reduction. Coffee can often have a negative connotation as a "drug" that turns the morning zombie into a perky squirrel. However - it should be dully noted that there is a right way, and a wrong way to take caffeine. Learn more about coffee and caffeine here.


No posts for this criteria.


Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea aids with the heart, with depression, and with fatigue.

Rhodiola Rosea

When understanding which supplements will perform in optimizing one's focus, attention, and concentration, make no mistake that the whole picture of understanding the body and mind need to be kept in full regard. The symbiotic relationship between the various functions in the cells, and biological systems show that one cant just focus on improving specific pieces. Rhodiola Rosea may not seem like it would directly improve focus and concentration completely, but make no mistake - it will affect areas of the body and neural system that will, with time, improve cognition and function.

Crazy Popular 1 Rhodiola Rosea Benefits – Focus and Concentration Supplements

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits – Focus and Concentration Supplements

Rhodiola Rosea: Great Solution for Fatigue and Great Partner for Mental Cognition Get an overview of Rhodiola Rosea: ...



Vinca Minor (Periwinkle Plant, Natural form of Vinpocetine)

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research*

The Periwinkle plant has been used for many, many hundreds if not thousands of years as both an digestive agent as well as a topical one. Benefits include anti-inflammatory benefits as well as increased blood flow to the brain, making it potentially an excellent candidate as a cognitive aid. Periwinkle plant may also be somewhat poisonous for the human body when exposed to excessive amounts - careful discretion should be given to dosage; in general, not much is needed to begin feeling the benefits.

Bacopa (Bacopa Monnieri / Bacopa monniera / Herb of Grace)

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research*

Bacopa monniera is an natural Indian medicine favorite, and one that's been used for a long time to promote the effects of concentration, improving memory, lowering anxiety, and an anti-inflammatory. Bacopa may however have various side-effects to people with stomach issues, intestinal issues, heart issues (as it's known to slow the heart), and thyroid issues (may affect a hormone relating to your thyroid). None the less, we are currently researching this supplement to ensure proper use.


Mucuna Pruriens (Velvet Bean)

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research*

Similar to what was mentioned about Rhodiola Rosea, another extremely valuable supplement, the benefits of Mucuna Pruriens may not be so blatantly obvious, given that it's not usually labelled as a "concentration supplement," however, understanding what causes improvements in concentration will easily put this supplement on the map. The biggest benefit of Mucuna Pruriens is its influence on dopamine and serotonin on the brain. Given basic knowledge on those two naturally occurring substances, one may not make an immediate connection between dopamine / serotonin and concentration given that dopamine is commonly referred to as the "pleasure chemical;" essentially the chemical released in the brain that makes you feel "good." This is not only so; it's also one of the biggest factors that affects one's drive and concentration. Heightened dopamine and serotonin are one of the main effects of drugs like Adderall. Whenever you play scientist with your brain chemistry, you want to make sure you're informed, join our list and receive a notification when our research for Mucuna Pruriens is completed.


Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin, Cobalamin, Methylcobalamin)

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research*

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin. We were debating listing this one but felt in the end that it's important because for the supplement newcomer it can be overlooked. We agree here at Refokus that consistent use coupled with a balanced diet, exercise, regular intake of filtered water will have tangible effects on one's energy and focus. There is a lot of existing information on Vitamin B12 but we'll add our own page soon to ensure that you'll have a good foundation of the basics.


Clitoria Ternatea (Shanka Pushpi)

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research*

Clitoria Ternatea's reputation is similar to that of Bacopa listed above but there is a lot less information on it. We're currently digging, inquiring with professionals and trying to find out what we can on this natural stimulant. Studies on rats show that it has promising results on memory and for fighting depression. It may even have less side effects than Bacopa. None the less, we will continue to research and will publish our findings soon enough!



Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research* 

Magnesium is a known enhancer for cognitive and bodily function. It is also an element that's also difficult for one's body to naturally find in most foods and is the second most common deficiency in the first world. Magnesium optimizes oxygen flow in the blood and thus can play a crucial role in one's health. There is a hype with a artificially created form of Magnesium which is supposed to have direct profound effects on one's focus and concentration, called Magnesium L-Threonate - however we here at Refokus are hesitant to endorse it without proper research.

Celastrus Paniculatus

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research* 

We are investigating the seeds of the Celastrus Paniculatus plant as a solution for improved cognition. In truth, we aren't so sure that the benefits of Celastrus paniculatus will be significant to warrant such a high recommendation. We do know that there are benefits in lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and possibly with extended use it can improve mental brain power and focus, but at this point we're unsure of the results. Studies show even if it does improve cognition, it would required continued use for sometime, but in reality, many supplements require continued use to feel the full effects.

Curcumin (Turmeric, Curcuma Longa)

Coming Soon

*Undergoing Internal Research* 

Curcumin is a heavily researched supplement with multiple known benefits including: relieving toxicities of different types, multiple sclerosis (MS), inflammation from various causes, obesity, libido function, microbial infections, psoriasis, diabetes, and more. It is the main ingredient in spices native to India often found in curry. Based on research, we highly recommend taking this supplement at low dosages, as some people have mentioned having negative reactions at various higher dosages. As with any supplement, start low, and gradually work your way up. Check recommended supplement dosages and take lower amounts to start.



Our Recommended Products

The Following List of Supplements Includes Products that we Believe will be Better Industry Performers.

In terms of multi-herb supplement energy-based supplements. Based on our research and tests based on these products and the ingredients they include, we recommend the following products which can be purchased from the links below. Do note that just because a company claims that the product includes a specific supplement, doesn't mean that all supplements are the same (just like not all cheddar cheese is the same, nor are all cheesecakes). A lot of supplements are manufactured in China and other countries which have lax laws on ingredients and potency. I'm not saying that's necessarily bad, but that we try to be extra aware of where the products originate so that we can be sensitive to quality.

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Other Strong Candidates

These didn't make the list, but none-the-less have good qualities and measured results which may directly or indirectly create positive benefits.

  • Ashwagandha Root - An Indian-based herb that promotes mental clarity and relieves depression.
  • Omega-3 (6 and 9) - Fish oil never seemed so good given its seemingly endless benefits. It indirectly extremely helpful for concentration as it helps improve brain/body function and removes blockages.
  • Phosphatidylserine - Phosphatidylserine is a fat that helps with cognitive function however it is naturally produced, however taking supplements can help for mental cognition for those seemingly deficient.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) - ALCAR is an effective supplement for relieving the effects of aging, and the side effects that come with aging including poor cell structures and other cell deficiencies. The improved neurological impact on mitochondria and related systems make ALCAR a common supplement to aid in cognitive function. A few studies even support neural cell regeneration.
  • Modifilan / Modafinil (Brown Seaweed Extract) - A favorite of many; this supplement has been known to fight cancer after extensive research by Russian scientists to find a solution for radiation poisoning (due to the Chernobyl reactor meltdown). The properties and benefits of Modifilan are many but have big impacts on immunity and cholesterol. We're still investigating the effects of this supplement on focus and concentration.
  • Taurine - On a much lesser level, we recommend Taurine. While it's not directly known for improving focus, it does affect the body overall. Taurine is naturally occurring in the body, especially in the muscles, but it can be depleted with exercise, or lack of exercise. Taking supplements (be careful, many, if not most are synthetic) can help with energy levels and recovery.
  • Hordenine HCL - Is a naturally-occurring alkaloid found in plant life. It functions as a neuro-transmitter and provides many of the same energy and focus boosting effects as coffee with less of the side effects of hyperactivity. This supplement can be found both in natural and synthetic forms. We may bump this supplement to the top, but we're still doing to research on it as well as we're still trying to find a good manufacturer of the product as well. See Our Favorite
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus) - Lion's Mane mushroom is a unique fungus native to China and Japan. It's been used for centuries prominently as a tea and edible for gaining mental clarity. Lion's Mane is indeed an established crop that is known to have an abundance of health benefits even beyond it's impact on the brain, including disease/disorder prevention as well as regenerative capabilities.
  • L-Theanine - Derived from tea leaves, it is not a focus and energy enhancer per-se, however it works well when combined with supplements like caffeine or any other performance enhancing stimulants as it has an affect of providing significant relaxation without sedation.
  • Ginseng - Ginseng is a root that grow predominantly in Asian countries as well as North America. It's been used in Asian cultures for thousands of years for all kinds of remedies (not just an additive for Sushi). Despite this, and despite that there have been dozens of scientific studies on ginseng, most professionals agree while it is a healthy substance to some degree: there is no conclusive evidence that it has significant benefits to cognition and focus. Thus, we can't say for certain that ginseng as food or supplement is necessarily an effective means of developing one's focus and concentration.We do maintain that as far as personal tests conducted and research we've done, that we found positive effects with libido function, physical performance, and overall being. Studies indicate that there is a positive correlation to prevention of certain cancers with consumption of ginseng.
  • Vinpocetine - One lesser known supplement is a derivative of the Periwinkle plant called Vinpocetine. It has the potential (not completely verified) power to prevent neural inflammation and other neural issues that may cause other neurological problems with time. It's known to pump blood to the brain (which is often the benefit of other similar cognitive/memory enhancing supplements) and may do things like lessen or clear headaches as well. It should be noted that there isn't enough long-term studies to prove that the results of long-term use are significant, especially in respects to taking nominal dosages.
  • Grape Seed Extract - This is a common supplement that's been ingested for some time. Studies Studies show that benefits include increased blood flow, lower cholesterol, positive effects on Alzheimer's disease, and possibly others on a lighter level. Improved blood flow is essential as a conduit for improved cognition / mental focus.
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis - A researched and proven supplement from the collection of Chinese medicine, we know that research exists to show the results exist to enhance attention, mental cognition, and memory; the question is simply how much? We're still investigating whether or not this one should be featured.
  • Sarcosine - A relatively smaller known compound from glycine. It is naturally occurring in the muscles and there is research being done that it is a solution to treat or minimize the effects of schizophrenia but additionally for improving cognition.
  • Polygala Tenuifolia - Polygala tenuifolia was a commonly used for many, many years in Chinese medicine, however research shows that there is not significant evidence yet to show that the plant has significant impacts on a person, especially as it relates to focus and concentration. However, there is some insight that since the plant has ketamine, it may actually perform something similar to how NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) works, although at the moment we haven't found sufficient evidence to advocate for it completely.Nerve Growth Factor is a function of a group of biological molecules/elements that works to produce neurons and other cognitive neurological elements. These protein-like substances are essential for maintaining and improving neurological ability (brain function).





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NOTE: The content and insights shares is not a replacement for a professional medical consultation and advice, while we are often advised by research professionals and studies, you should always consult a medical professional to understand what's best for you and your personal needs.
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*Under Review* Editor's Rating: This is Our List of Supplements but...

In this post, you'll see our carefully reviewed list of supplements catered to improving one's concentration, however it's important to note that this is not the full nor a complete list of all focus-related supplements. We tried our best to choose a variety and tried to target a diversity of supplements based on research and performance, both within the team and from customer feedback. We advise that you look into the recommended list of supplements and pick from there. The products listed in this post have combinations of the herbs and supplements that we review, and thus are possible good candidates for a quick and easy solution.

Impact on Focus and Concentration
  • The benefits will more or less be the same; they will all affect the biochemistry of the brain, and furthermore the body to improve function, although each ingredient may potentially work independently and will affect the body differently.
  • For every person, this is going to vary, please be sure to evaluate each based on the cons of each individual ingredient, however in general they all work the same way.
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